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Our Mission

Bringing people together through great food.

We believe in leaving places better than we found them. Our goal is to bring people together through great food, and we do this while focusing on diverse, inclusive, and sustainable practices. The wellness of our team, our communities, and the culture we cultivate is a keystone to our success.

Shifty’s Seasoning embodies this mission everyday by continuing to give back to our communities and implementing sustainable business practices. We strive to bring people together through great food with every meal.

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Shifty's Story

From his beginnings as a high school biology teacher, Shifty developed an appreciation for his community and environment. Outside of work, Shifty found the power that his two passions – appreciation for the outdoors and time in the kitchen – held in bringing people together.

In his own journey of traveling and experiencing different cultures and foods Shifty developed a passion for sustainable harvesting practices. As his retirement from teaching neared, Shifty realized a vision to share this appreciation for food with others. By creating a seasoning with high quality flavor from clean ingredients that would compliment great food without overpowering the quality and natural flavor of the other elements in your meal. Shifty formulated the perfect blend for people who appreciate the taste of great food.

Today, the Shifty’s team furthers this vision by committing sustainable business practices, giving back to our community, and refusing to cut corners. In doing so, Shifty’s hopes to model a commitment to a business model that can keep our earth and communities healthy.



Family Owned
and Operated.


Our Logo

Shifty is a nickname derived from the Austrian Celtic surname, Shifflett. With the Celtic heritage ingrained in the Shifty’s Brand we chose the Celtic knot symbolizing prosperity and abundance to represent our branding. Sharing this affirmation on the products we produce is our way of wishing prosperity and abundance upon your home.



Shifty’s Seasoning originates with a father and son who saw an opportunity to share their passion and ignite change in the world. Shifty, a retired high school biology teacher believed strongly in the power great food has in bringing people together.

As a family, the Shifflett’s spent many hours in the Michigan woods and waterways enjoying nature, understanding the local biosphere, and interacting with local farmers. Respect for the ingredients and the cultivation of food was extremely important in this family. Shifty felt compelled to create his own seasonings that would enhance the flavor of clean & quality ingredients without overpowering them.

While attending college, Zeke – Shifty’s son, and the president of Shifty’s Seasoning, worked on a senior project centered around the plastic emergency at the University of Denver. Learning facts about plastic waste – EX: At current disposal rate we are on track to have more plastic in the world’s oceans by pound than fish before the year 2050.

This felt disheartening to Zeke and while he was serving and bartending in college, he observed the magnitude of single-use plastics being consumed in the food industry. He wondered what could be done.

Zeke’s commitment to environmental change and Shifty’s strong belief in ecological sustainability was central to the birth of Shifty’s Seasoning. Fueled with passion, Zeke dove deep into researching ways of creating a more sustainable product. Soon after our initial launch, we would begin packaging in a domestically produced recycled paper tube that reduced our plastic output by 65% per unit.

Production remains in house, local to Shifty’s hometown and provides local jobs. At Shifty’s the ingredients we source are Non-GMO project verified and business practices center around sustainability.