Shifty's Seasoning

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables


Can’t even make this list. Depending on your region, pallet or diet. You know what you like, however, be willing to try something new. The heat from the grill and the right seasoning changes the chemistry and opens up a new world of possibilities.
Of course we would love it if you use Shifty’s Seasoning on everything, but there are garlic infused oils, sweet and sour sauces to utilize here.
Misc. bacon bits, herbs, cheeses, or an egg.
Great time to use the “Best Butter Topping” recipe.


  1. Wash everything.
  2. Heat grill, flat iron, or make a fire and use a grate.
  3. Chop some vegetables, leave others whole, leave the greens on carrots for example
  4. Chop some squash, halve others, we leave the paper on onions and garlic.
  5. Add lime, bacon bits or cheeses when possible.
  6. This is a fun activity for kids, many will experiment more food if there is an “experiment” involved