Shifty's Seasoning

Frequently asked questions

We all enjoy great food. Great food comes from quality ingredients, wether that be vegetables, seafood, beef or another form of meat. All of these ingredients we enjoy require healthy ecosystems to grow and flourish.

Plastics that break down over time into micro plastics flow through our waterways or seep from landfills and settle in our soil or waterways will find their way into these ingredients, and eventually, our bodies.

Noting that we are on track to have more plastics in the ocean than fish by pound before the year 2050. This could spell the end for many of our main food sources.

We want to see healthy ecosystems and key food sources protected allowing our favorite dishes to be preserved and shared with future generations. This is why we are taking action to reduce our plastic use and output hoping to be a part of a bigger and necessary “shift” in the food and grocery industry away from plastics for packaging.

Shifty’s Red Seasoning is designed to be a unique flavor profile, building off of the Classic’s base by adding a small ratio of Cayenne and Paprika for a mild pepper flavor enhancement. We do not consider the Red’s to be spicy rather a unique flavor profile with a red appearance.

This said, everyone’s pallet is different and a small amount of people have reported experiencing a spicy flavor from the Red.

Using only the finest ingredients we source a salt that has a unique crystal shape to deliver powerful flavor with half the sodium of other salts. Our seasonings deliver premium flavor with low sodium content.
Classic Seasoning – Less than 16% Sodium
Red Seasoning – Less than 15% Sodium
Garlic Salt – Less than 23% Sodium

We use the best ingredients to produce an all natural seasoning with zero additives. This means that if you live in a humid climate, you may notice some minor clumping of the seasoning clumping in its container. We recommend tapping the containers base (not the side) on a counter or table top to break up this clumping.

Rotating the lid closed for storage and shaking before use will provide the best experience with our products.

Have you ever taken a bite into a chicken breast or other meal and experienced a tough texture and dry flavor when you were hoping for the opposite?

Coffee does a spectacular job of complimenting without overwhelming foods. The acidity levels in coffee function like the tannins in wine to generate heightened flavor profiles. In the case of cooking meats or roasting vegetables this acidity in coffee works to tenderize the food while simultaneously creating an outer crust to lock the moisture and flavors inside.