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We are proud to be family owned and operated.

Shifty has always enjoyed cooking for others. He and Adrienne (myself) enjoy the gift of time and good food with friends. As teachers, being active in our community and church, as well as having many kids who lived with us for periods of time, we have an open house. We never knew how many people would stop by for a bite to eat and a place to stay at our house, so there was always food being served at our home.

Shifty started mixing spices to create blends that enhance harvested meat that we would hunt or fish. As Shifty was getting close to retirement age, Zeke encouraged him to start selling his blend of seasoning. During the week of Christmas 2018; Zeke, Shifty and I were holed up in Zeke’s apartment in Denver to plan the start of Shifty’s and hone the recipe. With spices, lots of different types of meats, and poster size sticky notes; we began to write down our dreams, mix different seasoning combinations and eat many samples. We found our recipe and built our dreams for our new business. The name started out as “Carnivore Premium Meat Seasoning”.

Once we had the seasoning created, blended and bottled; we sent out samples to friends in and out of the food industry across the country. Fortunately, we received only good feedback. Many people said that they used the blend on veggies, eggs and starches. Our trademark attorney also said that we needed to change the name. Mentally drawing blanks on a new name, “Shifty’s” was suggested. The name stuck.

We found a strip mall in a nearby town, ordered our spices, labels and containers and started production with very little experience in the food industry. We’ve had many learning experiences and bumps along the way. Our team consists of five family members; Shifty (founder and jack of all trades), Zeke (CEO, visionary) Freddie or Frederick- if he’s in the south (sales and marketing), Beth (production manager and fulfillment) and Adrienne (team mom and business manager). As a family working together, we have learned how to communicate and work together. When we are stressed we all go do outdoor activities together. Being out of doors is our therapy and place of peace. Often you may find us cutting wood or doing chores together talking “shop”. Having a family business seems to be working for us.


the Shifty's Team

Shifty Shifflett


Bethany Miller


Frederick Thacker


Zeke Shifflett


Adrienne Shifflett



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Instructions Softly scoop out the underside of a large portobello mushroom and sear the underside. While grilling any toppings you may want

Instructions Preheat grill Season salmon steaks with Shifty’s Red Seasoning Season vegetables with Shifty’s Classic Depending on the vegetables they may need

Ingredients One whole chicken One stick of butter Red wine, 1 cup Triple Sec liqueur, ½ cup Shifty’s Red Seasoning 2-3 oz.

Ingredients Bag of large shrimp Shifty’s Garlic Salt Steamed Rice Butter or sesame oil‍ Instructions When shrimp is thawed and pan is